A FATHER killed himself near Hartley Wintney following a row with his family, an inquest heard.

David Miller, 48, died in the early hours of the morning on December 10 at Plough Lane, Bramshill after taking a cocktail of prescription drugs.

An inquest at Basingstoke Magistrates’ Court heard today that the father-of-two had separated from his wife, Nicola, in September and split his time between their home in Blandford Road, Reading and a motorhome in London.

At 5.30pm on December 9, Mr Miller went to the home in Reading to speak to daughter Olivia, who he blamed for the breakdown of his marriage and pleaded with his wife to send her to her grandparents in Ireland, in a bid to save their marriage.

In a statement read out at the inquest by North East Hampshire coroner Andrew Bradley, Mrs Miller said David began to get agitated, adding: “David followed Olivia into the kitchen and started to be really intimidating, squaring up to her and glaring at her and he shouted “get out, get out” and she then replied saying “I will leave but you are not going to do this to me and mum anymore”.

After leaving for 10 minutes, Mr Miller then returned to the property and smashed up electrical items including the television, DVD player and a PlayStation, before leaving for the final time in his Saab car.

The inquest heard how Mr Miller’s mother, who lives in Scotland, called Thames Valley police at 11.45pm after the 48-year-old rang her to say that he had taken an overdose.

Sgt Lisa Green, who is based at Reading police station, told the inquest that they managed to track Mr Miller’s location through his mobile phone and he was found unconscious on the floor next to the driver’s side of his car in Bramshill at around 3.19am.

Sgt Green told the inquest: “I requested that an air ambulance be considered as we were next to a field in a rural location and I could see the male was unresponsive and he had a CPR mask on.

“I looked inside the car and there were a number of empty tablet packets within the car and a small bottle of whisky which appeared mostly full.”

An ambulance then arrived on the scene at 3.37am, and paramedics continued CPR before they declared the 48-year-old dead.

Recording a verdict of suicide, coroner Andrew Bradley, praised the emergency services, saying: “It was quite an exceptional effort so well done”.