LEAGUE table statistics released today show that while some Test Valley schools are improving, others are slipping backwards.

The tables compare the percentage of pupils gaining five GCSE passes including English and maths.

While some of our schools exceeded the national average of 56.6 per cent, two of our schools came in at under 40 per cent - which is the Government's minimum requirement.

Our results were:

Rookwood - 80 per cent (78 per cent in 2013)

Harrow Way Community School - 61 per cent (54 per cent)

John Hanson Community School - 48 per cent (58 per cent)

Winton Community Academy - 33 per cent (0 per cent)

Test Valley School - 69 per cent (58 per cent)

The Wellington Academy - 37 per cent (37 per cent)

Testbourne Community School - 68 per cent (72 per cent).


The number of state secondaries in England said to be underperforming has more than doubled, amid exam changes.

Some 330 schools failed to get 40 per cent of pupils gaining five good GCSEs including English and maths.

This rise, from 154 last year, comes after ministers toughened exams and banned re-sits and some vocational qualifications from school tables.