SIR George Young is the Member of Parliament for North West Hampshire.

The 73-year-old is married to Aurelia and they have two sons, two daughters and three grandchildren.

Sir George was born on July 16, 1941, in Oxford and he was educated at Eton in Windsor, Christ Church in Oxford and the University of Surrey.

The father-of-four first became an MP for Ealing Acton in 1974, but after his constituency was removed due to boundary changes, he was elected as MP for North West Hampshire in 1997.

During his time as an MP, Sir George has had various ministerial roles, including Secretary to the Treasury in 1994-1995 and Secretary of State for Transport in 1995-1997.

Sir George became Leader of the House of Commons and Lord Privy Seal in 2010, and returned to the Cabinet in the role of Conservative Chief Whip in 2012, after the resignation of MP Andrew Mitchell following the ‘plebgate’ row.

Last December, Sir George announced that he was to stand down as North West Hampshire MP at the 2015 general election, and he stood down from his position as Chief Whip on July 14.

1. Who was your childhood hero and why? Jim Laker (off-spin bowler for Surrey and England).

2. What is your most precious possession, and why is it important to you? Good health.

3. What was the first record/CD you bought? The Laughing Policeman.

4. What is the radio/television show you hate to miss? Borgen.

5. What is your favourite film? Kind Hearts and Coronets.

6. What is your pet hate? Spam (unwanted emails).

7. What are you reading at the moment? The Drugs Don’t Work by Professor Sally Davies.

8. If you were choosing a last meal, what would it be? Chicken Vindaloo.

9. If you could meet anyone from history, who would it be? Jesus Christ.

10. If you had a time machine where would it take you? Vienna in the 1790s.

11. If you were stranded on a desert island, what luxury would you choose to have with you? A radio.

12. What sports team do you support? Queen’s Park Rangers.

13. What was your first job? Picking hops during a summer vacation.

14. If you could take over someone’s job for the day, whose job would you choose? Warren Buffett – if I could keep his earnings for the day.

15. What worries you the most? Housing the next generation.

16. What is your proudest moment? Being elected to the House of Commons.

17. What would you like your epitaph to be? He served his country.

18. What’s your guilty pleasure? Profiteroles.

19. What one thing could change society for the better? A cure for cancer.

20. What three words best describe you? The bicycling baronet.