RECENTLY, there has been a spate of water leaks in the road where I live.

For several days, lorries have arrived with digging equipment, generators and pumps to make repairs, leaving a patchwork of Tarmac squares on the pavement.

Water is a commodity we never think about unless there is a leak or a hosepipe ban. But in many parts of the world where it is scarce people know how valuable it is.

Water is essential for physical life to survive. Without it, we die.

But what about spiritual thirst?

Jesus told a woman He met at a well (John Chapter 4) that he could offer ‘living water’ which would satisfy her forever.

She is very interested because she thinks she won’t have the chore of collecting water each day. But Jesus is talking about the deep thirst people have to find real satisfaction and peace in their lives.

He can offer them a quality of life like no other, now and for eternity.

Perhaps it’s time to take a drink of that ‘living water’?