A MOTHER has spoken of her shock after a prank “bomb bag” was placed through the cat flap at her family’s home.

Rachael Herr was watching TV at her home in Borodin Close, Brighton Hill, Basingstoke, with her 10-year-daughter and husband Andy when they heard the cat flap sound on their front door.

The 35-year-old said: “Suddenly, we heard this popping noise – it was not a loud bang and we thought a fuse had blown or a lightbulb had popped.

“All three of us went to check what it was, and we could see there was something on our doormat and it was fizzing.

“We turned on the light and there was a packet upside down and white powder on my doormat so I pushed my daughter away because I didn’t know whether it was some kind of chemical.”

Rachael’s husband picked up the packet and they noticed it had the words “Bomb Bag” on the front. The instructions on the back of the packet made it clear it was a children’s prank toy and that it should only be used outdoors.

Rachael, a telesales representative, said: “I just want other people to be aware of what is happening. It might be a one-off but if there are more vulnerable people out there, they need to know about this, and the people doing it need to know it’s not on, as much as it might make them laugh.”