TO celebrate Jane Austen’s birthday, Jane Austen’s House Museum will be free for all visitors on Monday, December 16.

In addition all visitors will be offered free tea and coffee and mince pies.

Ann Channon, House Manager at Jane Austen’s House Museum said: "Every year we celebrate Jane’s birthday in this way. The museum is decorated ready for Christmas and it feels very much like the family home Jane would have known."

Throughout 2013, the museum has been celebrating the 200th anniversary of Jane’s best-loved book Pride and Prejudice. Plans are now being put in place for 2014 when the museum will be concentrating of the bicentenary of Mansfield Park.

Jane Austen’s ring which the museum was recently successful in purchasing from singer Kelly Clarkson will go on display to the public on Valentine’s Day.

Recently appointed museum curator Mary Guyatt, said: "The year ahead will be a very busy and exciting time for the Museum."