A MAN with a long history of mental health problems killed himself by walking in front of a freight train.

Daniel Choonucksing, 38, of Belle Vue Road, Old Basing died instantly when he was struck by the 1,220-ton Freightliner train at the Battledown Flyover shortly after 4pm on August 29.

A nine-strong jury at Alton Magistrates’ Court heard that Mr Choonucksing had a history of paranoid schizophrenia and depression, and had reduced his medication in the run up to his death.

His mother Joan described the youngest of of her three children as a quiet man who loved helping others.

She told North East Hampshire coroner Andrew Bradley: “He was much happier reading, enjoying the sun, or going for long walks. He kept a lot to himself because he did not want to worry the family.”

Consultant psychiatrist Dr Nicole Winter told the inquest that Mr Choonucksing had in June 2011 been found lying on railway tracks while he was living in London, studying for an MA in human rights, from Roehampton University.

She said that in frequent visits to hospital, Mr Choonucksing, who was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in 1998, had told staff that he heard voices speaking to him. She said that after the incident in 2011, he had said he wanted to go to a “magical land”.

“He told staff he wanted to go to a land of fairy tales and magic,” said Dr Winter. “He told the police he did not want to end his life but wanted to go to a magical land.”

He was prescribed Clozapine – a powerful antipsychotic. The inquest heard that in the lead up to his death, Clozapine’s side effects had led Mr Choonucksing to lower the amount he was taking.

“Reducing his dose of medication could have led to a relapse of his psychiatric symptoms,” said Dr Winter.

“It is possible that the reduction in dose was beginning to have an effect.”

Following a 40-minute deliberation, the jury returned a verdict of suicide.

l The Samaritans can be contacted by anyone in any type of distress on 08457 90 90 90.