A SOCIAL housing provider, with nearly 6,000 homes in Basingstoke, has set up a new system for reporting gas leaks.

The web-based system allows customer service employees of Sovereign Housing Association quickly to distribute information as they take calls from concerned residents.

The housing association, which has an office in Saxon Court, Sarum Hill, said the system has been audited and praised by experts from the Council of Registered Gas Installers (CORGI).

Amanda Curtis, health and safety adviser at Sovereign, said: “This process allows us to ask specific questions, taking the caller through scenarios based on potential risk, to ensure that the correct course of action is taken.

“The electronic capture of the data makes it easier for us to report on it and analyse any trends that need to be addressed, and so make continual improvements to how we deal with gas-related incidents, such as identifying training issues or ensuring we have the right suppliers.”

It is hoped the system can also be used to record other critical incidents, like flooding and fire.

Trevor Batt, CORGI technical safety manager, said: “Sovereign is helping to set new standards in the industry by implementing this innovative system.”