PASSING his driving test was always going to be a tall order for teenager Seb Olrog – after all, he is 6ft 9ins!

However, 18-year-old Seb certainly proved he was up to the test as he made the grade and was able to ditch his L- plates.

Seb, of London Road, Hook, passed the practical test first time, despite facing some challenges as a learner due to his unusual size.

His driving instructor Tony Cotterell, of Basingstoke Driving School, said: “His height does have an impact.

“The driving position he sits in with the seat right back makes a difference, and his visibility is slightly impaired by the windscreen. He had to work a bit harder than most.”

Tony said that Seb is the tallest pupil he has ever taught, adding: “He might be the tallest person in Basingstoke to pass their driving test. “I don’t think there’s any way of checking though!”

Seb, a student at The Henley College, in Henley on Thames, breezed through the test, which he took in Basingstoke, picking up only two minor faults.

The 18-year-old, who is studying photography, musical performance and music technology has already bought his first car – a red Ford Ka.

He learned to drive in an Audi A1 and said: “I was quite lucky because the car was quite roomy.

“I picked it up fairly easily after the first few lessons. I have always been tall and used to be teased about my height when I was younger. But now everyone’s just used to it.”

Tony, who has been teaching in the Basingstoke area for the last 10 years, described Seb as an “ideal pupil”.

He said: “He was a real pleasure to teach, and I’m delighted that he was able to pass first time.”