THE Gazette has been sent a photo by Hugh Sawyer which shows Winchester Road.

Hugh explains: "It may have been taken at the turn of the last century (the blurred text at the bottom left may even read "1901"). The side-road to the right leads to modern-day Bramlys Grange.

"The two Victorian (semi-detached) houses that can be seen behind the horse and waggon are Grade II listed buildings. Census records indicate that the houses may have been named either Loddon Villas or Loddon Cottages.

"Research into the possible builder of these rare Victorian survivors might point towards the well-known John Mussellwhite, whose firm was responsible for many fine Basingstoke buildings - see the website of Basingstoke Heritage Society at:

"All the usual searches have failed to find any proof that John Mussellwhite constructed these 'Villas/Cottages' and, frustratingly, no further contemporary photographs have so far been found. But who knows...?"