OVER the years, The Gazette has done many features on the famous faces who originate from Basingstoke.

I thought I would look at an updated version.

How many did you know?

James Bye is a television actor born in Basingstoke in 1984. His film and television credits include The Bill and Cemetery Junction, a film written by Rick Gervais. He's probably best known in recent years for taking over the role of Martin Fowler in Eastenders from James Alexandrou. He joined the cast in 2014, and jointly won a Soap Award with actress Lacey Turner for best storyline in 2016.

Joseph Fry, 1728 - 1787. You may not know his name but I'm sure you will recognise the product he founded. He was the founder of Fry's Chocolate who make the popular Fry's Chocolate Cream bars. He was educated in the north of England, and afterwards was an apprentice to Henry Portsmouth of Basingstoke, He moved to Bristol where the chocolate was developed. The chocolate is still made but by Cadbury's/Kraft food in Poland.

Alex Thomson. The name may not jump out at you, but Alex has been on our television screens since 1982. Educated at Cranbourne School, Alex is now the longest serving Channel Four journalist. He's written two books about the Gulf War and in 2011/12 he was named TV Journalist of the Year by the Royal Television Society.