OUR recent item about the fatal accident involving Jeremy Thorpe’s wife in 1970 has generated some interesting feedback from readers.

I wrongly deduced that Caroline Thorpe’s crash in her Ford Anglia had occurred on the eastern side of the Venture roundabout.

At least one keen-eyed correspondent noted that the roundabout referred to by the coroner at the inquest (as having already been negotiated by Mrs Thorpe) was actually that which we know today as the Golden Lion.

In the Gazette’s original report this is called Cliddesden roundabout because a road from there used to take you to the village until the M3 cut right through it.

Another correspondent said that he was aboard a school bus which had arrived at the scene shortly after the crash.

He would seem to confirm that Mrs Thorpe lost her life on the western approach to the Venture roundabout on what was then the A30.

A friend on social media turned up a report of the inquest from the Glasgow Herald (no less) which gives the date of the incident as June 29, 1970 (a Monday).

Robert Brown’s photograph of the Venture Restaurant in the 1960s tells us that the Venture name derives from a bus company which was associated with the larger Wilts & Dorset that operated in this area.

Locating the spot at which Robert took his photo 50 years ago is tricky because my memory of the site is vague but the inn sign appears side-on as though it were placed to be seen by motorists on the old A30 as well as those joining or leaving the A339.

Your comments, memories and thoughts are always welcome.