HELLO nostalgia fans. Here is part two in our series featuring famous faces who made the trek down the M3 to visit Basingstoke.

How many can you recall?

Thirty-eight years ago in December 1980, Great Mills DIY store was preparing to launch on the corner of Winklebury Way. It called on TV personality Rod Hull to perform the opening ceremony, with the assistance of his 'pet' Emu. Rod came to Basingstoke many times. He also opened The Malls shopping centre a year later.

The Duke of Edinburgh, who has been in the news recently following his hip operation, toured the AA's Fanum House on several occasions. He is pictured chatting to a long-serving patrolman.

Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, better known as the British prime minister from 1997 to 2007, toured Basingstoke hospital during his premiership. He is pictured reading the Basingstoke Gazette.

Sir John Major was just an ordinary 'John' when he visited Basingstoke. He was the British prime minister from 1990 to 1997.

Bob Young is an English musician, who became famous for being the unofficial fifth member of the rock band Status Quo. He also originates from our town. Bob is pictured at the opening of Brookvale Village Hall following a fire in the early noughties.