THIS is the final Flashback Thursday of 2017. I just wanted to thank the various people who have been in touch and contributed to this page since it began three months ago.

And thanks to my friend Raz Razzle who has also written some great articles – and even received 'fan mail' from Beatles fans!

I'd also like to thank the many people who have contributed to and supported Basingstoke Memories – People and Places on Facebook. It astounds me how one simple page started by Jason Southwell continues to grow and grow.

This week I feature some pictures sent to me via Basingstoke Memories. Someone found these prints in a Basingstoke charity shop and very kindly shared them.

Castons Alley links Castons Yard to the Market Square. The old buildings have been demolished by the alleyway still remains between Barclays Bank and McDonalds. The window above the alley in the picture is still there but it has been bricked up.

The Lesser Market, built in 1885, was originally built for the retail sale of vegetables and was between the Corn Exchange and the Town Hall, now the Willis Museum, with a passageway between Wote Street and Church Street.

The Feathers is the oldest surviving pub in Basingstoke, built in 1610. It is rumoured that it has medieval foundations and is connected to the legendary tunnel system that appears in various structures in the town. The name is now an anagram of a famous football club of which a previous publican was an ardent supporter.

In 2018, we hope to feature more of your memories. If you have something you'd like to share with Basingstoke, then please get in touch either via the Gazette or