I HAVE been severely reprimanded this week by my friends at the Heritage Society and at least one reader for having misidentified the location of this old photograph published last week, writes Raz Razzle.

Whilst the aspect is correct, I had assumed that the photographer was standing at the crossroads and that the building on the right was Dean’s Almshouses prior to renovation work. Wrong!

The photographer was two-hundred yards or more along New Road; thus Dean’s Almshouses are actually obscured by the huge building in the centre which is the back of the last properties on the northern side of London Street. The present-day occupant of 38, London Street is Phillips Solicitors but in 1948 the Hants War Agricultural Executive Committee operated from this incongruous edifice which was demolished in the sixties or perhaps earlier.

The garage on the left is most probably Dykes Hire Services and hidden beyond it are the Pages Almshouses.

The Lamb pub is just visible in the distance. It has been earmarked for demolition this very week.

Furthermore I am grateful to Mr. Fergie who challenged my assertion that the large tree overhanging Hackwood Road was a hazel. He was quite right in saying that it is a hornbeam as has been confirmed by Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council.

I should like to point out that I am a nostalgia enthusiast rather than a professional historian! Nevertheless, Marc and I welcome any corrections or observations and of course, your memories.