"URSUS Arctos Horribilis" proclaims the woman on stage – a strange way to start a performance.

In a language that very few understand, and after a brief pause, the woman explains that this is the Latin term for bear. Let’s just say this term will be added to my vocabulary as a way to sound smarter in conversation with people.

The woman introduces herself as Amanda Adams , the main and only character in Proteus Creations Space's one-woman production I’m Super, Thanks. Smartly dressed in an all-black suit, she addresses and welcomes the audience as though it is a professional talk of some sort.

With the added bonus of breaking the fourth wall as members of the audience were invited as volunteers for a demonstration during the ‘lecture' excited the inner thespian in me.

Using the power of technical jargon, the seemingly confident bear expert transforms the intimate Creation Space into a grand lecture hall filled with eager listeners awaiting her spiel on the wonderful lives of Ursus Arctos Horribilis.

However, much to her disappointment, the focus shifts from her achievements to countless questions about her superhero husband – Yo-yo Man.

Before I get lost into wondering what superpowers a man with a Yo-yo has. Amanda, played by award-wining writer and director Mary Swan reluctantly reveals the realities of living in the shadow of a successful man and adjusting to becoming her own super hero rather than rely on others.

The dark satire constantly switches between harsh truths and witty humour to illustrate the struggles women face today to be recognised as equal players in a patriarchal world.

In light of the recent #MeToo movement, this is the first in a trilogy of Proteus Theatre’s Superwomen season including feminist pieces such as Hayley and Me by transgender performer Kate O’Donnel and an all-female contemporary circus group No Show, to showcase diversity and offer different perspectives and experiences.

Feeling empowered and inspired , the words “I will be heard, I will take up space and I am not going to be silent” ring true even as I left the theatre.

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