WHEN it comes to Ross Noble, it is hard to predict what he is going to do next.

From leading a stampede to get sausage rolls at Latitude Festival or freewheeling around the country, Noble has never been the conventional stand-up comedian.

During his performances, Noble takes his audience on a meandering journey of ridiculously funny stories, whimsical tangents and offbeat observations.

So, his new show El Hablador, which comes to the Anvil on October 4, should be no different.

“When I started people said I was “surreal”, and that’s a bit of a lazy description, because it sort of implies that anyone could do it.” explained the Geordie comic.

“Now, I think I take the building blocks of the real world and then stretch and manipulate them.

“It’s more like “magic realism” than “surrealism” – that’s the way I see it and that’s the most pretentious thing I’ve ever said.”

He added: “I realised quite early on that stand-up can teach you everything you need to know about life, which is: have one eye on the future, and have one eye on the past, but live in the present.”

Though known for his comic wit and his adventures on the road with his trustee motorbike, Noble isn’t adverse to trying his hand at something new.

Most recently the 42-year-old, warmed up his vocal chords for Mel Brooks production of Young Frankenstein, where he played Igor.

“And my dancing,” Noble interjects, “I was Olivier-nominated, you know?”

But Noble explains how much of a learning curve it was to work with a living legend.

He adds: “Mel was phenomenal. He constantly tinkers with everything, changing punchlines around, cutting entire scenes.

“The last time I spoke to him he was talking about projects that he passionately wants to do.

“Even though he’s got this incredible body of work – and he’s aware of that, because he keeps reminding you that he’s a living legend – he’s not hung up on the big picture, he’s all about the detail.

"He’s just as bothered about the nuance of it all.”

With appearances in theatrical productions, panel shows, films and even his own TV shows on Dave, there is a lot that Noble has achieved in his career.

Having been working the comedy circuit since the age of 15, El Hablador will be the comic’s 16th extensive tour.

When asked what people can expect from the new show he said: “Expect the unexpected. Unless you’ve seen me before. Then you know what to expect.

“But I might not do that. But then again, I might. I expect it will be one of those two options.”

He added: “I’ve got a giant inflatable skull on stage: its mouth fills up with smoke and I walk out of it.

“The sets have always been a bit “Spinal Tap”, there’s no need for them, it’s just funny to have these big, over-the-top creations on stage. People turn up and go, “Woah” and then I don’t really mention it.”

But the big question is who is El Hablador? Is it Noble himself or has he just come up with some strange fictitious being - though it is more than likely just Noble.

Find out at the Anvil on Thursday, 4 October.

For more information or to purchase tickets visit anvilarts.org.uk/whats-on/ross-noble-1.