THERE is a famous saying that a person behind a microphone has a face for radio.

However, a celebration of a landmark Spike Milligan show will put radio centre stage and all those who are behind it have nowhere to hide.

In 1951, the landscape of British comedy changed dramatically when The Goon Show burst onto the airwaves of the BBC Home Service.

Spike Milligan, Peter Sellers, Harry Secombe and co brought a brand of surreal chaotic humour unlike anything that had been heard before and revolutionised the way radio comedy was produced.

With its bizarre characters, fantastical plots and hilarious running jokes, The Goon Show captured the imagination of the British public and made household names of its three main stars, all of whom would go on to achieve fame across the globe.

In a year which would have seen Milligan turn 100-years-old, the Apollo Theatre Company and Spike Milligan Productions bring the Goon Show to the stage.

The theatre company will bring this timeless comedy to the stage in the first major theatrical production of the show in its illustrious history.

The Goon Show will come to the Haymarket on October 5 and October 6.

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