THE definition of a relationship is one that mean many different things to different people.

A chance encounter between two acrobats – one straight, one gay – one a frustrated lover and the other a jilted dreamer. The pair try to make sense of their imperfections.

Knot, a new show which is coming to the Proteus Creation Space, brings together circus and theatre combining astonishing partner acrobatics, dance and storytelling.

The two acrobats are knotted together in an unconventional relationship while struggling to find love.

The show forms part of Proteus’ summer of love and is the results of performers Nikki Rummer and Jean Daniel (JD) Brousse working together.

Performer and co-creator Rummer said: “We wanted the reality of our partnership to be the centre of the performance. Whenever we get off stage, people say to us, ‘You must really trust each other’.

“Which is true, I trust JD not to drop me, and he trusts me not to kick him in the head. But underneath that is a much richer mix of fondness and irritability and creative compatibility. Humour is so important to telling the story of what ‘lies beneath the surface’, and movement can be such a powerful means of showing the emotion.”

The pair bring together a unique blend of skills in hand-to-hand, gymnastics, capoeira and contemporary dance.

Working with rising star Ben Duke of Lost Dog Dance, Nikki and JD combine a theatrical narrative with stunning acrobatic skills to examine their own relationship, its durability and intensity.

Their hand-to-hand skills express, in stunning displays of strength and trust, the tension and dependency between two people.

Knot premiered in London in February on this year and has received rave reviews and will now come to Basingstoke tonight.

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