THE last thing I expected to be doing with my Thursday evening was singing happy birthday to a cardboard cut out with Jason Donovan’s face stuck on it.

But that is exactly what I, along with the whole audience at the Proteus Creation Space, did.

So, who could make an audience do this? Irish performer and choreographer Sarah Blanc.

Her one-woman show titled ‘It Started With Jason Donovan’ is an insightful journey through her ‘relationship career’ and how everything comes back to the Aussie actor.

With a high ponytail and dressed in lycra, Blanc welcomed all her female guests as Kylie and male attendees as Jason, which instantly got a few giggles.

When the performance proper started, Blanc barely came up for air, everything just rolling of the tongue with ease and even coming up with quick whips on the spot.

Even when there was a couple of technical hiccups, the quick-witted host used a talent for ad-lib, physical comedy and comic timing to keep the audience on her side – even if it was at the expense of ‘Kylie in the corner’ (Proteus’ sound tech).

Despite all the laughs, the subject matter of love was one that everyone can relate to.

Going through heartache, rejection, one-night stands and awkward online dating experiences, Blanc rattled through her own dating disasters including one extremely cringy on-line exchange demonstrated through the use of a Barbie and Ken doll.

Her comedy performance incorporated theatre and dance which gave it an original and refreshingly honest feel.

If the bonkers manner of Blanc’s show didn’t already have tears of laugher running down your face, the big climax had me in stitches.

Like Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan’s characters in Neighbours, Blanc wanted to celebrate love with the perfect wedding.

So, she grabbed a ‘willing volunteer’ from the audience to be her Jason, while other crowd participants became the cast of Neighbours, throwing confetti over the blushing bride.

Even though completely bonkers, Blanc’s show was one which is relatable as everyone has their own journey with love.