CLASSICAL music always sets a certain tone.

When listening to a piece of music it can transport the listener back to a time when it was first composed and really capture the moment.

Under the dim light of a candle the likes of Mozart, Bach and Vivaldi penned some of the great musical masterpieces which still ring out today.

On November 4, the Anvil will be transported back to this time period with a performance of Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons where the stage will be under candle-light with the Mozart Festival Orchestra resplendent in full orchestral costume of the period.

The show will be conducted by violinist David Juritz who said: “The musicians really play up to the wigs and frock-coats so on stage it never feels just like a normal concert.”

Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Juritz began learning the violin at the age of five.

He has become established as one of the most versatile violinists currently working in the UK, dividing his time between solo performances and conducting orchestras.

As well as conducting the Mozart Festival Orchestra, Juritz will be joined by soprano Susanna Hurrell and trumpet player Crispian Steele Perkins.

Juritz said: “A lot of the time, when you play one of the great classical composers, you’re given the score and you have this kind of responsibility to stay absolutely true to the composer’s intentions. It’s like they’re only lending you the music.

“Vivaldi, on the other hand, gives you a present. He says, ‘OK. This is a hunt. You’ve got guys on horseback, snarling dogs, guns and a stag. It’s all yours.’ - and you get to go off and have fun with that. You really can do your own thing.”

He added: “Vivaldi uses a pretty basic ‘formula’, the baroque concerto, one for each season. So, we’ve got four concertos, three movements each, none of which is longer than around four minutes.

“Most composers would be pretty limited by that but Vivaldi creates these incredibly vivid scenes; a farmer trying to grab an afternoon nap while his dog barks; that incredible storm in summer; and even binge drinking.

“I’ve been touring the Four Seasons with the same group every autumn for quite a few years now. Because everyone knows the music inside out, we don’t have to tie ourselves down to one particular interpretation

The Four Seasons by Candlelight will be performed at the Anvil on November 4. For more details and tickets visit