EVER since she was a young girl Natasha Watts has dreamed at playing the Haymarket theatre.

Walking through the top of the town with her mum, the soul-singer would turn to her and say “I’m going to play there one day.”

On Saturday, 8 September that dream becomes a reality as she launches her third studio album.

“To me there has always been something a little bit special about the Haymarket,” Watts tells The Gazette.

“I mean I have played the Anvil before, but the Anvil wasn’t there when I was growing up, but the Haymarket was, so to be on the stage where I used to go see shows is an incredible feeling.”

For everyone in attendance at the show they will receive a copy of Watts new album ‘My Next Chapter’ which the singer explains is a progression of where she is now as an artist and having put in years of hard work.

She added: “For me I am constantly doing things to try and better myself as an artist and I have come to learn if you don’t ask you don’t get.

“Whether that is going on tours or getting my own radio show I am just determined and hard working.

“When I’m in my office I’m either replying to e-mails, doing social media posts or writing music. I just like to keep busy and active.”

For the last two years Watts has been all around the world off the back of her last album critically acclaimed album ;2nd Time Around’ which went to number one in the UK soul chart.

Now, the award-winning singer is hoping her latest album will lead to further success.

She continues: “I just love what I do.

“For me writing music is like a journal, it is my way of documenting my life and my experiences and sharing them with the world.

“But when I sing them live I like to tell my audience the story behind the song, because there may be someone in that audience who has a similar experience or can relate to you more as an artist if they know where the song is coming from.”

Natasha Watts will be performing at the Haymarket Theatre on September 8, with tickets costing £28, which includes a free CD and goodie bag.

For more information visit anvilarts.org.uk.