AS THE only remaining original member of 10cc, Graham Gouldman is still very much leading the charge for the band.

Still extensively touring, the band formed in Stockport in 1972 and now more than 40 years later are still winning over new audiences as well as entertaining loyal fans.

They’ve sold more than 30 million albums around the world after hitting the heights of their popularity in the 1970s with their biggest hit I’m Not in Love which reached number one in the UK.

There has always been a sense of timelessness with 10cc, and even though vocalist Gouldman is the last standing original member, their popularity still seems to be growing.

“I guess I am flying the flag for the band in some aspect,” Gouldman told the Gazette.

“I won’t record any new music under the 10cc name as I think that is disrespectful to all the other members who gave so much time and energy to this band.

“I am flying the flag in the sense of I am the only original member left, but we are seeing younger audience members at our shows now, so it is a whole new experience for them and us.

“I mean some of them certainly weren’t around when we first started off.”

The band last visited Basingstoke two years ago when it was the anniversary tour of their critically-acclaimed album Sheet Music.

Now returning to the Anvil in October, Gouldman said that for him there is nothing quite like playing music live.

He added: “When I’m writing music that’s the most enjoyable thing, when you are recording that’s the most enjoyable and then when you play live that’s the most enjoyable.

“However. playing live with other musicians, there is just something about that which every musician loves. Then there is seeing the reaction on people’s faces as they react to your music which is just a great feeling.”

And it is Gouldman’s happiness and enjoyment that ultimately comes first when it comes to people’s expectations of the band.

“What I care about is this band and playing live and the enjoyment we get and the enjoyment the public get from seeing us.

“There are so many more things to care about, like people keep bugging me to write an autobiography but in all honesty, I have better things to do.”

10cc will be performing at the Anvil, Basingstoke, on Sunday, 28 October.

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