A NEW collective aims to give up and coming artists a platform to perform in Basingstoke.

With a rising number of young MC's and rappers spring up around the town, the issue artists are finding is a stage to share their craft.

However, on December 1 this could all change with the launch of the BSKCollective.

Made up of four people, who all have a passion for music are looking to provide a platform for local artists to perform alongside established acts to get further exposure.

Marcus Balogun, one of the members of the collective told The Gazette: “Being a musician myself I had to really push myself to get out there on shows, and I would also get shows out of town in places like Reading.

“Whenever I was asked if we ever had shows in Basingstoke, I would have to say no as even though we’ve got this really cool bubbling scene we don’t have anywhere to showcase it.

“It was born out of my own frustration that I felt the need to bring these events to Basingstoke.”

In the past two years Basingstoke’s premier music extravaganza Basingstoke Live has been headlined by an Mc / rapper, which has been received by a boisterous crowd, along with artists local artists playing during the two-day event getting a good gathering.

It is this positive response, which has led Marcus and co to provide a new platform.

He added: “Having been embedded in this little scene we have in the town for years I have seen the reaction grim and rap music gets.

“Basingstoke Live is great for the town, but it is only once a year, we want to be running more regular events and bringing bigger names to the town.

“By doing this, we are giving fans what they want but we can give a local act a support slot and open them up to a wider audience.”

The launch event will feature British Grime MC P Money, and will be held at Queen Marys College, on December 1.

For more information visit facebook.com/BSKCollective.