HAVING spent last weekend away at Undercover III festival, I was determined to have a home town weekend of shows for a change.

This Friday night show was particularly good, as it was also the album-release show for a rather awesome Basingstoke band.

But first up it was Carter Daze down from Woking, I have never seen them before and given their youth, I suspect they are a fairly new band. They did seem a little self-conscious too, which can affect a band's performance, especially in a strange new venue.

Basingstoke Gazette:

They were a little rough to begin with, but settled down once they got into their stride. Some of their songs showed some promise and I will be interested to see them in a few months, to see how they progress.

Next up were Brightlight City who also come from Surrey and informed us that they were just back from a tour of Canada, so were a little jet-lagged. I can't say that I noticed anything less than a great performance.

Basingstoke Gazette:

They were very tight, technically great, with a very exciting delivery. So with that and some humorous banter with the crowd, they were definitely a big hit.

The mid-point were taken by a band I have seen a few times before - All Ears Avow come from Swindon and play a very sophisticated brand of prog-rock. The crowd had grown a bit by now and they instantly took to the band, who definitely seemed in their element in return.

Basingstoke Gazette:

Female-fronted, but with some male backing/support vocals all helps to enhance the quality of the songs. I was a little amused by the dozen or so peddles that both guitarists and the bass-player had - buttons would be furiously turned on and off within a song and heathen that I am could detect no difference in the sound!

Main support was provided by a well known and popular Basingstoke band, Kilkovec and the crowd had grown a fair bit with friends and supporters.

The guys were in command of the situation the moment they started to play, inspired no doubt by the appreciation of the crowd. They are really tight as a band and played very catchy, alternative rock numbers very well.

And so to the main band, local group Fake the Attack, who made a huge impression at Basingstoke Live (Main Stage). The crowd had gone from large to packed.

Basingstoke Gazette:

It was great to be seeing them again (on a small stage) with perfect sound and lighting.

Needless to say, they went down very well, with a lot of fans singing along to their older material. Best of all, everyone who went to the show got a free download code for the new album.

They played some of the new stuff from the new album and it sounded excellent.

A great night - thanks to all the bands and the Rockbitch crew for the sound, lighting and hospitality.

Neil Duncan, Issuepunkzine