THIS was a hastily arranged show to accommodate a couple of touring bands, one of whom had come all the way from Greece.

Almost as if to make those lads feel at home, the venue was incredibly hot and was made hotter by keeping the windows closed so as to not annoy the neighbours.

First up from Southampton were Hancock, a female-fronted Ramones inspired three-piece.

Basingstoke Gazette:

They are semi-regulars in Basingstoke on account of them being just so good. They were on typical top form, playing a really fast lively set, exchanging banter with a smallish crowd. It was a really good performance and a great start to the evening.

Next the first of the touring bands, Triple Sundae from London/Kent. This is a superb ska-punk band, who I have seen before.

Basingstoke Gazette:

They are really tight and really fast, we a generous dose of attitude to give the songs a bit of punch. They were well received and the crowd was getting a bit larger now, and I think everyone was feeling the heat a bit.

Main support was provided by The Overjoyed from Greece and what better way to forget all the Euro-crisis than to go off on a punk tour.

Basingstoke Gazette:

I'd never seen these lads before, but it did not take them long to really impress me. They play a large number of short, fast songs in a range of punky styles and they do them all so well.

I really enjoyed their set and was a little gutted that this was their second-to-last date as I'd have liked to see them again.

The headline band hail from a number of towns on the South Coast and are great favourites of mine.

Almeida are a progressive-thrash band and really quite unique. The speed and complexity of their songs is matched only by the impressive vocal-range of their lead singer.

Basingstoke Gazette:

They were dogged a little by equipment over-heating, but they still managed a fantastic set and I was glad to see them so well received.

Thanks to all the bands who played, to the team of enthusiastic volunteers who did the sound and to the management and staff of the Irish Centre for a fantastic night.