I ALWAYS try to support the good work of Jon (Rockbitch) and so I trotted along to check out this rather cool hard-core punk line-up.

Unfortunately I missed the first band Ocean (sorry lads) through no fault of mine, but these things happen.

I was there in time for 8 Days From Sunday who had come down from London. They did not hang about and got straight down to business.

Basingstoke Gazette:

They might produce some really powerful songs, but they still managed some melodic elements to round out their sound. Impressive start to the show.

Next up were, Sacred of Everything, who I am pretty sure I have seen before. They definitely come via the crazier wing of the asylum with some powerful, really hard, hard-core music, punctuated by well managed beat-downs.

Basingstoke Gazette:

They benefited from a slightly larger crowd, who were really up for their songs.

I also just realised that the stage lights had been put up - I wonder how long they have been there? They make taking pictures much easier.

Main support was provided by Renounce, who I have never seen before. I recognise some of the guys from other bands, but it was the very clean-cut singer who got me thinking, what sort of style were they going to play?

Basingstoke Gazette:

But looks can be deceiving and come the moment, the band pretty much exploded into action. The music was hard and fast, the vocals were powerful and brutal and the crowd went pretty nuts in a frenzy of moshing and mayhem. I will just add their name to my "hit list" of really cool live bands.

The headliners were the main attraction for me - Employed to Serve are not simply an amazing band, but Justine, their female front person has a vocal delivery that most guys would kill for.

Basingstoke Gazette:

It was an amazing performance, pretty perfect I'd have to say. The band totally nailed it and the packed crowd lapped up every beat and every note. All the other bands had been brilliant for sure, but this was gold.

So thanks to all the bands and to the Rockbitch crew for the sound and hospitality - and of course a great start to a bank holiday weekend full of live musical excitement.