ANOTHER awesome punk show in Sanctuary - I am really being spoilt these days.

Opening up were female-fronted Take Warning who are pretty much seasoned veterans these days.

Basingstoke Gazette:

It is fantastic to see a band's first faltering steps and them a few months later, they are belting out their set like pros.

They have just released a rather good debut EP recently too, so it's onwards and upwards. Great set, well played and really enjoyed by a growing crowd.

Next up were more Basingstoke talent in the shape of Ill Gotten Gains who have not actually been slack themselves in the studio department - we are all eagerly awaiting their debut album release, but until then, a killer live performance should satisfy us.

Basingstoke Gazette:

The guys were on top form and with a large, friendly, supportive home crowd - they could not fail. As well as the cheering and the dancing there were plenty of people singing along to the lyrics, the ultimate buzz.

Main support was provided by Bandits UK from Newbury who have their own distinctive take on the whole ska-punk vibe. It is pretty unique and totally irresistible!

Pic by Lila Orlock  

Basingstoke Gazette:

They were so fast, so aggressive, so punk that they too had the whole crowd behind them all the way.

They even provide a nice zebra-patterned dance mat for the skanking and at times it was unable to hold all the people wanting to join in. I may not partake in the jumping around myself, but I certainly had a great mental workout.

It had all been five-star acts up until now, so it was only right to have a six-starrer to headline. 2 Sick Monkeys from Wootton Bassett are total legends in the world of DIY punk. This two-piece drum/bass combo are big hits wherever they go in the UK, or Europe.

Basingstoke Gazette:

They are fast and they are angry and they write and sing songs about the sorts of things the majority of the crowd care about. In spite of two broken fingers on his right hand, bass-player Pete played like a demon.

A big thanks to all the bands, to Rockbitch for the sound and the staff of the venue for a spectacular night.