NOW I am not the greatest fan of 'all-dayers' but the line-up of this one was just too good and included a Basingstoke band.

So as the sun was shining and the tide was out between Basingstoke and Salisbury I headed West. I arrived just in time for the very first act which was basically an acoustic version of the band We Come First. In spite of the crowd being a little light at this point, they nevertheless put on a fine spirited performance.

They were followed by another acoustic act - a chap I recognised, Luke Hall, who used to play guitar with a super ska-punk band from Salisbury called Six-Fish. He was actually amazing and really one of the best acoustic acts I have ever seen. As if that wasn't good enough, he also revealed that Six-Fish are to reform in the summer for a few shows. I can't wait!

Time for the full bands to begin and who better to start with than The Fail from Aldershot. They really put in one of their best and most dynamic shows to date. Everything about it was perfect - the songs were great, fast, very fast with a powerful punky growl.

They played loads of songs too as they are quite short and there was also plenty of laughs on offer with the inter-song chat. I can see these lads becoming my top band of 2014.

Then it was time for another Salisbury band. Foxpunch are a very good ska-punk band who I have only recently encountered , but who have very quickly shot up my list of ones to watch.

Again they play loads of fast, aggressive, politically driven songs and are exciting to watch. Extra praise for these guys as they were actually the ones putting on the show.

A Bristol band by the name of Public Order Act were on next. They were another ska-punk band and I think they have been together a little longer. They played well to a much larger crowd and got a good response. I think my enjoyment was enhanced by the fact I had popped out before they played to try and find a chip shop open (no joy) - but I had managed to get myself a fantastic hot cup of tea. I like living on the edge.

The Basingstoke boys were up next - The Harry Macintosh Project are not like a normal punk band, they have got a huge chunk of quirkiness about them. The music is very technical and verging on metal at times, but it is unmistakably punk and the vocal style is pretty unique, which needs to be heard to be believed. The songs are heavy and delivered with plenty of passion and to be honest, the guys just get better each time I see them. They broke up the proceedings very nicely.

Another Ska-punk band and another Bristol band in the shape of Atterkop - I've not seen these lads before but they were very impressive indeed. Very dynamic and they got some real action going on down in the pit. We now had a pretty impressive crowd here and there was no denying that the atmosphere was entirely fun and positive. Perhaps the alcohol lay behind this, but I prefer to think its the music.

Main support came from sleepy Wooton Bassett - a drum and bass duo who are known as 2 Sick Monkeys and who are absolute legends in the DIY punk scene. These guys play so many shows, big and small, all over the country and in Europe that it is just untrue. The only thing more amazing is just how very good they are, how fast, how clever the lyrics and the playing - I really want to get them to play in Basingstoke.

The headliners have come down all the way from Manchester and are called The Autonomads and I have seen them several times before. I was pretty impressed that the promoters had gotten a band of this quality down an they did not disappoint.

I guess they are ska-punk as a basic label, but that does not do justice to the full range of styles and songs they perform. It really was a great climax to what had been a day of top class music - and I was now exhausted.

Thanks to all the bands and acts, to the promoters and the management and staff of the venue for a fantastic Sunday.