NOT content with being just old age, old school punk rockers, Geezapunx recently organised their first show under the Punk n Disorderly title.

And they were very pleased to get the Irish Centre to hold their first show.

The early start saw a nice crowd gathering for the first band, The Harry MacIntosh Project. This is a Goth/quirky punk band from Basingstoke and Newbury who broke up about three years ago and have just reformed.

Indeed, I believe that this was their first show. I was a fan before and I am pleased to see they have remained true to their original style, cracking out a heavy, but enjoyable set.

Next up and all the way from Kingston were The Wonderbeers, who have played Basingstoke several times and no surprise they were invited back, because they are just so damn good.

We were treated to a set of fast, punky songs about beer and work and girls and booze - all tongue in cheek and with plenty of audience engagement.

Easily good enough to headline any show to be honest, but these decent chaps are just happy with the chance to play. Highly recommended to anyone needing to be cheered up.

Main support were taken by Geezapunx who, by rights, should have been released their debut CD EP at the show, but they felt it needed a little more work, so the release has been deferred for a few weeks. But that was no excuse not to have fun with a night of live music.

What they lack in technical ability they make up for in enthusiasm and the sheer joy of proving that, "anyone can do it" - the prime directive of punk in the 1970s and still one of its central tenets today. The crowd seemed to love it too.

The headliners were Basingstoke punk'n'roll legends Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons making one of their rare appearances in their home town. They had already blasted Reading night before and they were ready to do the same again.

They were really tight and professional with a fantastic sound and a great selection of catchy songs. There was plenty of interaction with a delighted crowd and an all round very lively performance. It was a fitting end to what had been a fantastic night.

There is also no denying it was a well run show. Finishing a little earlier than most shows, it gave fans from out of town the chance to get home at a reasonable time.

So thanks to all the bands who played and to the management and staff of the Irish Centre for being fantastic hosts.