INSPIRED by the books of James Herriot, Amanda Owen made the decision to leave her life in Huddersfield behind and head to the countryside.

This then kick-started a career which has seen her become a TV personality and a best-selling author.

Affectionately known as the Yorkshire Shepherdess, Owen is a woman who very much abides by the mantra of 'practice what you preach.'

In following this, it means that as well as running a farm with her husband Clive and helping raise their nine children, she also paints, takes photos, holds talks at other farms and, of course, writes.

So, what does she do in her down time?

“What’s down time?” Owen replies.

“I guess it all depends on how you define what down time is. Because I am one of those people who is always itching to do something.

“I am always looking for the next thing to be doing, if I am not doing something then I feel a bit strange and as if I should be doing something.

“What I do is try and link things together, like clearing out the horses. Yes that is work, but it means I can ride the horse later which is something I enjoy doing.

“It’s about finding that balance of work and leisure and trying to tie them together.”

Owen’s star began to rise after appearing on the 2011 ITV series The Dales, where the shepherdess gained popularity for her relatability and her honesty.

And the woman herself thinks it is because she doesn’t shy away from the ugly side of her work which means people have wanted to read her books and learn more about her family.

She added: “I think nowadays there is a surreal airbrushing out of people’s lives, and that isn’t the reality.

“When the TV shows started, they let people into our lives and people saw that we are completely genuine and there was nothing false about us.

“I have met people from all walks of life, and it is still strange to me when people tell me they feel motivated after they hear how we are doing, and it makes them think ‘well I can give that a go,’ which is incredible, because in the grand scheme of things, I am a pretty normal person.”

Owen will be coming to The Haymarket tonight (July 4) to share tales and honest anecdotes from her remarkable farming, family life in north Yorkshire.

Funny, charming and filled with unforgettable characters, Adventures of the Yorkshire Shepherdess is set to delight a Basingstoke audience.

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