WHAT started as an extension of another touring show has now become a success in its own right.

The Classic Rock Show was born from the success of Brit Floyd and has been travelling around the UK for nearly six years now, playing face-shredding riffs and headbanging anthems.

Their latest show comes to the Anvil on January 18 and aims to give any rock and roll fan the ultimate experience.

This new performance will feature the Ultimate Live Juke Box, showcasing everything from AC/DC to ZZ Top and all the hits in-between.

For musical producer and guitarist of the show, James Cole, the challenge is coming up with the ultimate setlist to fit everyone’s tastes.

He said: “Everyone’s perception of classic rock music is different.

“Even in the band everyone sees things differently, and each year I ask them what their ideal classic rock set would be, which for me is a great thing as we get nine different setlists.

“We can have anything from Black Sabbath to the Eagles and anything in between.

“The task for us is that we make a show that we as musicians want to play, but also the show the audience expects to hear.

“What we want to do, as well as play the classic hits that everyone knows, is to educate the audience on songs that may not be at the front of their classic rock minds.”

For Cole, one of the things he has always made clear is that the Classic Rock Show is not a covers act, and the nine-piece band prides itself on playing renditions of songs in their original recorded form, rather than how people would have heard them live.

Cold and Co aim to bring recordings back to life on stage with a huge sound and light show to match.

He added: “It is quite a unique show, as we do album versions of songs, and we have a nine-piece band to play around with.

“We want to deliver these songs accurately and respectfully to the best of our ability, it is very much like an orchestra when they are playing a piece of classical music, you don’t have tribute orchestras and we aren’t a tribute band.”

With a vast repertoire of songs to choose from, Cole however, likes to set himself a challenge.

Cole told The Gazette: “I like telling the band we are doing something and them saying ‘you’re kidding’

“We did that with Bohemian Rhapsody, where we played it in its entirety and people loved it.”

For more information on the Classic Rock Show, go to anvilarts.org.uk/whats-on.