WHEN sitting in the front row at a comedy show you know that you are in the firing line.

For Ross Noble the front row of his Anvil audience were ripe for the picking.

As the Geordie comics latest show El Hablador – a saying and ‘myth’ which Noble had completely made up – started with a hilarious warning for audience members not to be disruptive, this was just the tip of the iceberg.

From the giant inflatable Calavera ((Mexican-style sugar skull) with Noble’s distinctive flowing locks, to the pure bizarre nature of what was coming out of the comics mouth, this show truly was a laugh a minute.

Like the energizer bunny, you could not pin Noble down as he paced around the Anvil stage, and more sporadic was his constant change of topic.

Going from picking on a lady in the front row for what he assumed was ‘pins and needles of the breast’ to taking about gender fluidity – or more accurately taking it in its literal state of what if a person was fluid.

There was more than one occasion that I thought to myself “what is he talking about?”

But like all good comics, even if to the naked eye it seemed like he was going off on random tangents, he manages to loop back round saying “I’m an elephant” to the bemusement of the crowd to which he explains “I never forget”.

As well as comic genius Noble also provides incredible theatre. Doing a bit about disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong’s drug use, Noble claims for former Tour de France winner used a monkey as a stunt double in some races.

Acting out a scene where Noble played the role of Armstrong and the monkey, where the cyclist pretended to shave the monkey’s legs. As the moment neared the Anvil audience fell silent in anticipation of the monkey’s fate, only for Noble to shout “can you feel the tension” to which the audience burst out laughing.

Endlessly hilarious, even when you’ve no idea what he’s banging on about, Noble delivers – even if you need to connect the dots yourself.