ART aficionados from across Europe flocked to the Netherlands for the opportunity to snap up the work of a Basingstoke artist.

Kev Munday was recently approached by the gallery Vintage Deluxe in Maastricht, Holland to display 30 of his hand painted original artworks.

Having shipped the work over to the gallery, the curators invited the 31-year-old to come have a ‘meet the artist’ event.

“I didn’t really expect the reception I had when I arrived,” Kev told The Gazette.

“The weirdest part of it was that some of the people I met already knew who I was and were familiar with my work, it was really nice but quite surreal.”

During his time over in the Netherlands, Kev met people who had travelled from neighbouring Germany and Belgium to see his unique colourful artwork.

Exaggerating and celebrating the ordinary, Kev aims for his art to appeal to all ages and make the viewer think and smile at the same time.

To top off his visit, Kev managed to sell every piece he had exhibited at the gallery during the 10-day show.

He added: “I was expecting to sell a few pieces, but I never expected to sell out which I am really proud of.

“After the success of this trip I am going to continue to build a relationship with them.

“I hadn’t really done any events like this before, especially in Europe, so it is definitely something I am looking to do more of.”

Kev’s favourite piece from the show, a diptych titled ‘Bricks, Beats and Badgers’ sold for €2,900, more than double the auctioneers high estimate, to a private collector based in Hong Kong.

The artist has been renting an art studio at the Proteus Creation Space for the past seven years, and regularly showcases his art locally as well as internationally.

To find out more about Kev’s work and future exhibitions visit