IF HE is not on the road touring, he is writing or in the studio, so for singer/ song writer Blair Dunlop, stopping is not an option.

On his latest stint on the road, the man being described as a modern day heartbreaker, will be rolling into Basingstoke, performing at The Forge tonight.

With much of his early career deeply embedded in folk music, it was the critically acclaimed ‘Gilded’ which really put the 25-year-old on the musical map.

“I grew up surrounded by folk music, but I have moved away from the folk elements as I have grown up,” Dunlop told The Gazette.

“It was clear that Gilded was a bit of a landmark as it was a step away from traditional folk and because I put it out on my own label I was able to take that risk.

“I think with every record goes by I am defining my sound even more.”

It is this independent take on the music industry which has afforded Dunlop several opportunities in a career which as spread across three albums and two EPs.

Having had airplay on BBC Radio 2 and playing Glastonbury Festival for the first time last year, Dunlop’s star is one which is certainly on the rise.

He added: “You do feel feast or famine at times, so there are times when you feel like you never have a day off.

“But I enjoy that element too, of playing and writing music and right now I have a singular focus on the music at the moment so I love just writing and touring.”

With his current tour The 4 Walls, Dunlop will be premiering some of his latest material which will feature on his upcoming record.

For more information and tickets to the show, where he will be supported by Brooke Sharkey, visit anvilarts.org.uk.