A BASINGSTOKE-based artist will be hosting her first solo exhibition at the Willis Museum in the Top of The Town.

Bethany Milam’s new showcase titled Everyday Narratives will open at the museum on Saturday, 23 September and run until October 21.

The artists’ work defies categorisation, engaging with a broad range of subjects and media.

Bethany’s inspiration comes from her own experiences, her friends and family and situations she comes across.

Every image in the exhibition has a story behind it and it is this interest in narrative that brings together the exhibition.

Central to the exhibition are Bethany’s graphite portraits depicting Basingstoke Street Pastors and Salvation Army Soldiers. In 2014 Bethany had the opportunity to walk with the Basingstoke Street Pastors as an observer. The resulting artworks are inspired by that experience as well as Bible verses.

The artist’s Mind the Gap series of train ticket cut outs, one pictured below, will also feature, which are a tongue-in-cheek response to the Bethany’s experience of public transport.

Each work is both a record of a single journey and an exploration of a wider shared experience that draws on each viewer’s personal memories and associations. Visitors will have the chance to purchase original artwork, prints and cards.

She said: “I have a strong belief in the importance of art and creativity and am keen to pass on this enthusiasm.”

Having trained as an interdisciplinary fine artist at West London University Bethany has exhibited widely both nationally and abroad. Her work has been accepted for the ING Discerning Eye and Society of Women Artists exhibitions among others.

Bethany believes that art should make you think, feel, laugh or look at something in a new way. Having completed a PGCE, Bethany is also an art tutor, catering for both children and adults.

The exhibition is free to enter, but donations are welcomed.

For more information visit milamarts.org.