A SHORT film by Basingstoke director Geoff Harmer has been chosen for a forthcoming American horror film festival.

Selfie, by Geoff’s company Fraught Productions, will be screened at The BoneBat Show’s Comedy of Horrors event in Seattle on April 25.

Over 1200 films were submitted, but only thirty-five short films and two features were selected to be screened.

Steve Holetz, director of the event, said: “Given the hundreds of films we have to evaluate for our festival, it's hard to find a film that can really scare me. Selfie is the exactly the kind of gem we look for, a short that delivers true thrills.

“I can’t wait to see it before a packed house."

Selfie, the story of a woman who is haunted by a strange figure in her ‘selfie’ photographs, was written, produced and directed by Geoff, and made with the invaluable contribution of a small crew.

Basingstoke Gazette:

It stars Stacy Hart, with appearances by Milly Richardson and Poppy Richardson, and will screen locally at The Box film festival in Newbury in May.

Dad of three Geoff, who lives in Black Dam, said: “Selfie has had a great year so far. We had our international premiere at the Roots Film Festival in Athens and were officially selected for screening at the Dark Scream Film Festival in Titchfield. They surprised us by nominating us for Best British Film, which is amazing!

“We have also won a Diamond Award at BIAFF15. This is a great honour as only the top eight films get this. It also means we are eligible to win the Daily Mail trophy and/or the Best British Film award.

“I’m really proud of the film that we have made. It really is a great example of team work. Everyone involved has put in a huge amount of effort and it shows.”

The film will available to be view online later in the year.

Find out more online at fraught.net/selfie.

Basingstoke Gazette: