TOM Fletcher is a man with multiple talents. Not only has he had huge success with pop-rock band McFly, he has gone on to write an impressive range of children’s books.

Now, the author, musician and composer has seen one of his popular titles turned into a show which is touring the UK.

Based on his book There’s a Monster in Your Book, the story has been adapted for the stage and was at Newbury’s Corn Exchange during the Easter holidays.

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Basingstoke Gazette: There's a Monster in Your ShowI took along my seven-year-old son and his cousins to watch There’s a Monster in Your Show, described as a 50-minute high-energy, interactive adventure featuring lively original music.

I was worried it might be aimed at a slightly younger audience with it being billed as the perfect introduction to live theatre for children.

However, I need not have been concerned. Within minutes of the show starting my son and his cousins were engaged, laughing throughout and joining in with all the actions and singing as the audience was encouraged to participate. 

My son and his seven-year-old cousin took as much enjoyment from the show as my youngest four-year-old niece, and it was great to watch a performance perfect for both ages. 

The show told the story of a group of performers preparing to start their new show but discovering they are not alone on stage.

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Various colourful characters join in the fun including Little Monster, Dragon, Alien and Unicorn, bringing comedy and chaos to the stage in a magical show filled with laughter, catchy songs, audience participation, humour and lessons about friendship.

Packed with multiple interactive moments, the young audience was entertained and enthralled throughout, and the adults also had fun embracing their silliness by joining in too.

Having read various Tom Fletcher books to my son, I was hopeful that the stage show would match their energy, fun and excitement. It did not disappoint. The silly humour and craziness were the same as that in his popular books and was perfectly aimed at the young audience. My son and his cousins laughed out loud throughout, entertained by the whacky characters.

Fletcher said it has been an “amazing experience” to see his book come to life on stage and to meet the characters he invented, as well as combining his love of writing with composing songs for the production.

“Going to the theatre with kids can be stressful but this is a totally interactive show where children are not just allowed to shout, sing, clap and dance – it’s actively encouraged!” he said.

Being just 50-minutes the show was over in a flash, which was perfect for the youngest audience members who may have otherwise become restless during a performance with two acts.

We left feeling upbeat and with magical memories from a joyful, uplifting show.

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