WE THOUGHT we were coming to see an interactive play. We were expecting a few audience interaction moments, perhaps a spray of snow across the crowd. 

Little did we know that we were about to be pulled into Charlie's world and transported through a magical portal which turned us into tiny people, before being whisked off to Lapland to see Mrs Christmas herself. This show left us amazed and exceeded all expectations. 

The show Help! There’s an Elf in My House has opened at Proteus Creation Space in Council Road, Basingstoke. My daughter, aged four, and I were delighted to get a spot on the 11am show on Saturday, December 16.

The venue, set inside an old Victorian school building, is welcoming and friendly. There's a car park that you can use while at the centre and a lovely little cafe selling proper coffee and cake for refreshments before and after the show. 

We were signed in and waited in the cafe with some colouring for the interactive festive adventure to start. 

We were called into the main room, where there's a fantastic set that takes you into a granny flat. Children sit on the mat, and adults are seated around, and the actors - Charlie, mum and the storyteller - burst in and pull you into their world. 

Basingstoke Gazette: Help! There's an Elf in My House at Proteus Creation Space

There's a storyline (without spoiling it, it's quite sad), and a bit of singing, with a bit of crafting, before the magic happens and the elf appears. That's when the show steps up, the children are transfixed by the elf, and when a magical portal opens - you can see the excitement and delight on their faces. 

We are then whisked off to another world before being whisked off again to the North Pole. 

There are three sets, and children are encouraged to take part and contribute in each one. Every room is different, but carefully thought out, and the actors are simply wonderful. 

This Christmas show is not your traditional panto or Christmas grotto experience, in fact Father Christmas doesn't even get a look in here, but it's got the right amount of festive magic to make it a simply wonderful way to spend an hour with young children. 

Basingstoke Gazette: Rosanna Morton on the set of Help! There's an Elf in My House at Proteus Creation Space

It's not loud or brash, but captivating and magical, making it a great immersive theatre experience for all ages - and it was an hour that my daughter thoroughly enjoyed. 

The intimate venue, interactive nature and small audience means everyone leaves feeling special. 

The show, by Scratchbuilt Productions, runs until Sunday, December 24. There are three shows a day, 11am, 2pm and 3.30pm

Tickets cost £10 per person + booking fee. Go to proteustheatre.com for more.