JOSEPH and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is an absolute classic and Basingstoke Amateur Musical Society (BATS) hit every note perfectly. 

Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical is an absolute hit, it's safe to say most of us can recite the lyrics of at least one song thanks to its popularity with school drama departments. 

If your school didn't put on a show, the choir probably did its own rendition of Any Dream Will Do during assembly.

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Every year BATS effortlessly brings the West End to The Haymarket, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is no exception. 

As expected, the show was a joy to watch, with colourful costumes, impressive singing, hilarious characters and expertly choreographed dancing.

The musical follows the Bible story of Jacob's favourite son Joseph, played by David Honeywell, and his eleven brothers. 

It is a fun tale with wacky characters and brilliant songs, while also dealing with important themes of growing up, jealousy and forgiveness 

BATS bought back the creative duo of Louise Travis (director and choreographer) and Jonathan Eiø who were behind the production of Rent in May to deliver the brilliant production. 

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The simple staging of bleacher steps with an impressive pyramid means all the focus is on the costumes, singing and dancing. 

With more than 40 people on the stage, the performance is a musical extravaganza - it's hard to know where to look because it's all just so brilliant. 

This year marks the first time in BATS 60-year history that it has put on a relaxed performance.

On November 15, the group turned down the volume, reduced the harsh lighting and altered the choreography to make the performance as accessible as possible. 

Despite the changes, the performance was as brilliant as ever and it was more magical knowing that some members of the audience were experiencing theatre for the first time thanks to the adaptations. 

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat runs until Sunday, November 19 at The Haymarket.

For any return tickets go to or call 01256 844244. Group bookings call 01256 366935.