ESCAPISM is something we are all searching for right now, whether it is reading a good book, watching a favourite film, or listening to music.

However, there is no better way to escape from the worries and stresses of life than on a theme park ride, and the new Flight of the Sky Lion at Legoland offers riders the opportunity to do just that.

Transporting those looking for a thrill into an epic new land, families are taken on an adventure into a parallel universe with mythical creatures.

The brand-new ride, which opens ahead of the half-term holidays on May 29, is part of the biggest investment put into the Legoland Windsor resort since it first opened 25 years ago.

The Flight of the Sky Lion – the UK’s first flying theatre ride - is the main attraction in Legoland’s new £20million Mythica: World of Mythical Creatures land, created by kids for kids.

I was invited to preview Mythica a week ahead of its opening to the public.

Taking my four-year-old son along, we were relieved to find he was taller than the one metre restriction to go on the ride.

As we entered Mythica my son was in awe of the wonderous Lego creatures which awaited on the other side, including the stunningly beautiful sky lion Maximus.

The anticipation and excitement built in the waiting area as we queued to try Flight of the Sky Lion, watching clips on screens showing the different creatures we might encounter on our adventure.

Standing a whopping 25 metres tall, the ride is inside a large building. However, the ride is hidden away offering no preview of what will happen, which certainly adds to the thrill. Although I was slightly apprehensive that it might be too scary for my son.

Soon enough, the doors opened and we went into a briefing area before further doors opened and we took our seats. The seats give nothing away, positioned inside a room which appeared to go nowhere.

As I strapped myself and my son in, I was feeling nervous having no clue what was about to happen next. Suddenly, the seats swung around revealing a breath-taking view, and we were catapulted along a burning tunnel into the parallel universe.

Soaring over the stunning landscape of Lego Mythica, the mind-blowing ride which uses 4k film is perfectly synchronised with immersive effects as we swooped over oceans with the wind in our face and dived down to the depths.

It was incredible! I have forgotten how liberating it feels to scream. But there was no stopping the terror and excitement as creatures leapt out in front of us from the sea, breathing fire.

I automatically lifted my feet as we sped dangerously close to protruding rocks, and hid behind my hands in fear, feeling fully immersed in the experience.

Glancing at my son sat next to me, he was beaming in wonder as he could hardly believe what was happening. Thankfully, he wasn’t scared but loving every moment of the sensory stimulating experience.

As it came to and end, I released the breath I had been holding.

“What did you think?” I asked my son as we made our way out. “I want to go on it again,” he replied in excitement.

However, there was more to explore, so we went to try out the other attractions, including the super fun Hydra’s Challenge, which spins around on water while you steer, trying to dodge the jet sprays controlled by spectators.

Fire and Ice Freefall is a drop tower ride standing at 13 metres tall, perfect for mini thrill-seekers looking to test their bravery. My son screamed in delight as we bounced up and down high up in the sky.

Basingstoke Gazette:

There is also the outdoor adventure play area called Lava Dragon Play, perfectly situated next to a seating area so parents can enjoy a drink while little ones’ have fun.

We admired all the mythical creatures dotted around, which took a team of model makers almost a year to build, using more than 1.76 million Lego bricks. They are accompanied by an augmented reality experience using the Legoland app, enabling guests to scan the models and watch them come to life.

Lego Mythica was created as part of a partnership with Kids’ Industries, with the resort team spending more than a year working with them to discuss and test ideas and concepts on six to 11-year-olds and their parents, who influenced everything from the final ride experiences to the names and characters.

Before we left to explore the rest of the park, we sampled the Lego Mythica inspired doughnuts from the new The Hungry Troll restaurant, which also serves fresh fish and chips.

Time soon slips away when in Legoland as we hopped on and off rides using fast-track passes, which were most appreciated on a very busy Saturday.

A particular highlight was watching my son driving round the mini driving course on his own, before running out shouting in delight that he had got his driving licence.

Legoland is a truly magical day out for children, inspiring their imagination and offering an exciting adventure.

The new Lego Mythica will add to this when it opens on May 29, giving the perfect excuse to return for those who have already been this year.