THE DAYS are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer and signs of spring are all around us.

As we entered this month, we have started to see green shoots that there are better times ahead, as increasingly more and more of the town receive their coronavirus vaccinations.

And with lockdown restrictions set to start easing from Monday, it really seems like we are seeing the light at the end of a dark tunnel after a challenging winter.

Hence, the reason behind the optimistic Basingstoke Gazette Camera Club theme for March, ‘Signs of Spring’. When we asked our 1,100 members to vote, this was the most popular theme by a landslide.

And it is easy to see why. Members have been enjoying getting out and about, making the most of the improved spring weather we have been fortunate enough to experience over the course of the past few weeks.

From snaps in the country while out on their daily exercise, to pictures of flowers blossoming in their gardens, to smiling squirrels enjoying the spring sunshine, we certainly weren’t short of entries for this month’s picture spread.

Basingstoke Gazette: Photo by Darren BurtonPhoto by Darren Burton

As usual, selecting just seven photographs from the large collection was extremely difficult. This means we could not include many photographs as we would have liked to have done.

If your photograph is not included, do not be disappointed. The theme for April will be announced soon in the group.

And the Camera Club’s monthly theme picture spread will return next month and will be printed in The Gazette on Thursday, April 29 so remember to pick up a copy to see if your shots have made it into print.

Each month, we set the members of our camera club a theme, and at the end of that month we then print the best photos in the paper, as well as on our website.

It’s free and easy to join. Simply search ‘Basingstoke Gazette Camera Club’ on Facebook. Congratulations to everyone who had their picture printed this month.

Basingstoke Gazette: Photo by Stuart PoffleyPhoto by Stuart Poffley

Basingstoke Gazette: Photo by Roy MaddocksPhoto by Roy Maddocks

Basingstoke Gazette: Photo by Neil BrailsfordPhoto by Neil Brailsford

Basingstoke Gazette: Photo by Ian WallisPhoto by Ian Wallis

Basingstoke Gazette: Photo by Femke van Kempen-MuurlingPhoto by Femke van Kempen-Muurling

Basingstoke Gazette: Photo by Mike AlamarPhoto by Mike Alamar