With lockdown set to end at the earliest on June 21, plenty of us will be looking forward to what we can get up to once it's over.

With that in mind, here's some things to do in and around Basingstoke from then on - and they're all free!

Basingstoke Festival of Transport

If you’re looking for a celebration of the engineering that gets us where we want to go, look no further than the Basingstoke Festival of Transport!

War Memorial Park will be taken over by 700 vehicles of all shapes and sizes, from classic cars to military trucks, with members of the public invited to come along and even put their own vehicles on display.

There will also be plenty of stalls to celebrate the occasion at the event taking place on Sunday, August 22. More information can be found here.

If that piques your interest for a Basingstoke Festival, the definite article is also planning a return, with a schedule of events currently being put together.

Basingstoke Canal Walk

While we’ve all spent plenty of time doing our daily exercise recently, post-lockdown will still be an opportunity to enjoy the splendour of the local area. This section of the Basingstoke canal, running between Greywell and Odiham Castle, offers a mix of history and spectacular views that are perfect for a relaxing walk.

You can even include a visit to the Fox and Goose pub, where the walk begins. You can head up and along the towpath beside the canal until you reach the castle.

The castle was built between 1207 and 1214 by King John, and is where he rode out from when he went to sign the Magna Carta at Runnymede in 1215.

Hampshire County Council also has a story, Henry the Forgetful, which can be downloaded here, to entertain any little ones making the journey with you.

For full directions, click here

Hat Fair Winchester

After being cancelled last year, the outdoor arts festival is planning a big comeback for 2021.

Running since 1974, and originally designed as a busking festival, the event is not about headwear – though there’s likely to be plenty on show – and is instead features a variety of performances, with the name coming from the tradition of tipping with coins placed in a hat.

Located in Winchester, international street performers, dance, circus, music and local community performances will be performing as planned between July 2 and 4.

Initially conceived as a busking festival, Hat Fair takes its name from the tradition of the audience showing their appreciation by putting money in the hat at the end of the show.

The festival is family friendly and for more information, visit the website here.

Hampshire Food Festival

With a variety of events taking place all across the county, including in and around Basingstoke, the Hampshire Food Festival is due to make its comeback this year after being postponed.

It’s destined to be a grand affair, being both the postponed 20th festival and the 30th anniversary of the organisation behind the event, Hampshire Fare.

A programme of fairs, fetes, picnics, parties and pop-ups, farm and vineyard tours, cocktail and cookery skills workshops, street food and world-class chef demos, and more are planned across the year, with a mix of paid and free events.

For more information on the festival, please click here.

Willis Museum

Having been shut for a long period of time, it will be great to go out and see the town’s museum once again following lockdown.

Basingstoke’s museum features a variety of fascinating displays on the history of the town, with features on Jane Austen, the growth of the town, and even the world’s oldest wedding cake!

There’s plenty to enjoy at the museum, as well as a café to grab a bite to eat.

For more information, click here.