SHOCKING dash-cam footage shows a car cutting dangerously across lanes at Brighton Hill roundabout at the weekend. 

The video, posted to the Spotted Basingstoke facebook group by Kev Pearce, shows a blue Audi A6 estate vehicle come from behind the filming car on its right hand side and cut across both lanes to exit the roundabout onto the Harrow Way.

The footage was shot at 3:07pm on Sunday, September 6.

The facebook post received a lot of attention, with others saying they had also noticed the offending vehicle.

One comment read: “I saw this driver Friday afternoon almost causing a big accident. 

“Didn’t even wait for the light to turn orange at a major intersection, just sped off, then jumped the next light too, and forced his way into traffic up ahead. 

“Three times in minutes this car almost caused accidents, and that was in peak traffic too!”

Another group member commented: “Thanks for posting, the same vehicle has cut me up in this area in the past. Have had a camera installed since. Hope it’s been reported.

“Since Covid-19, it seems there are more instances of aggressive driving.”

Kev said he will submit the footage to the Hampshire Constabulary ‘HantsSnap’ form.

Members of the public who catch alleged road traffic offenses on camera can submit video evidence and it is assessed by a trained decision-maker.

Earlier this year, Hampshire County Council carried out consultation on proposed improvements to the Brighton Hill roundabout. 

The work, which is due to begin in 2021 for a two-year period, will widen and signalise the roundabout.