A HUSBAND and wife team have opened a new Indian restaurant in Basingstoke, and are celebrating a successful launch earlier this month.

Nitin and Anushree Patil welcomed customers to Spices and Spirits in Kings Furlong on July 15 for their fully booked opening night.

The restaurant offers Indian food with a difference, with dishes reflecting the exciting tastes of different regions of the country, each with their own diverse and distinct cooking styles.

Nitin, who was made redundant by IBM, decided to use the opportunity to set up his own restaurant with his wife, and said: “We were looking for a place for some time and finally found this place and applied for planning permission. The main idea is to give people a taste of India. I’m a foody person and my wife has a passion for cooking. She’s a home cook and has done catering, cooking for 300 people alone.”

The 56-year-old father-of-two added: “We chose this area because we want to work with the local community. We want people to have a nice relaxing experience and be able to have a beer or drink.”

He explained that Indian cooking is an art, perfected over time, with the kitchen regarded as “the soul of every Indian home”, adding: “Regional dishes with traditional ingredients, fresh herbs and spices are playing a great part in today’s Indian kitchen. My wife is passionate about real Indian food and understands this mix of tradition and contemporary values. She has spent time with the best chefs from various parts of India to learn and understand from their experience.”

He said Anushree’s experience of restaurants, people’s homes and street vendors has influenced the menu at Spices and Spirts, blending regional recipes and traditional ingredients with modern techniques and presentation.

“All dishes have an emphasis on lightness but still with all the spicing and flavour expected from an Indian meal, and organic ingredients are used where possible,” he explained.

The menu has something for everyone, with vegan dishes also available.

For more information visit spicesandspirits.co.uk.