THERE is a one-of-a-kind shop that is a youngster’s dream come true.

The Magical Christmas Toy Shop is a treasure trove of festive delights and its shop keeper has every and any gift you could possibly think of.

The only issue is, it is only open one day a year.

For the fourth year, Scratch Built Productions, in association with Proteus Creation Space, delivers a truly interactive take on the traditional pantomime.

From the moment the audience steps into the performance area they become part of the show with “bauble experts” needed to help decorate the Christmas tree.

After being informed that we would have to wait 364 days until the store next opened, our hosts tried to do everything in their power to pass the time – from running really fast to going in slow motion, until eventually the shop was open.

The whole show, which only lasts about 45 minutes, takes the audience on an immersive walkthrough adventure of the creation space where children are encouraged to explore, play, create and interact with the enchanting surroundings and colourful characters that they meet along the way.

Once arriving at the Magical Christmas Toy Shop the shop keeper informs us that they have ran out of wrapping paper and it is down to the audience to draw some new designs to help wrap the presents.

With the show being so hands on and interactive it urges the children to engage with one another, and at the performance I was at two young girls instantly bonded over the colouring in of the wrapping paper.

Even if the stay at the toy shop is brief, the show is just the right length and engaging enough to keep the imagination and attention of younger children.

The Magical Christmas Toy Shop will be open at the Proteus Creation Space until December 24, for more information and tickets visit