NEARLY half of the UK’s landlords have two or more properties in their portfolio, according to the Property Academy’s latest Landlords & Tenants Survey.

Commenting on the survey, Ricky Bhurji, investment portfolio manager at Romans, said: “This statistic highlights the growth of the buy-to-let market.

“It suggests that many landlords have consciously opted to grow their portfolio and buy more properties because of the strength of this type of investment.”

According to the survey more than a quarter of landlords own three of more properties and nine per cent own six or more.

“Investing in property and becoming a buy-to-let landlord offers you two ways of earning money, via the monthly rental income and via capital growth, hence its popularly amongst investors” said Ricky.

Rents across the UK rose by 7.6 per cent in the three months to December 2014, compared to the same period in 2013, according to the HomeLet Rental Index, and with Romans’ experts predicting price increases of five to 10 per cent during 2015, more people are expected to look at buy-to-let opportunities.

In fact, in the Landlords & Tenants Survey 32 per cent said they are ‘highly likely’ or ‘possibly’ likely to add to their portfolio in the next 12 months.

Although a portfolio of properties can offer large financial returns, the day to day management can be time-consuming and stressful, therefore Romans has launched a new Portfolio Service specifically designed for landlords owning multiple properties.

The Portfolio Service offers landlords all the benefits of the managed service, such as the organisation of any maintenance and repairs and regular property inspections.

Ricky adds: “We will also provide you with the latest investment news and advice, based on your specific requirements, and a weekly Top 10 investment opportunities email – ideal if you are keen to grow your portfolio even more.”

To learn more about property investment and Romans’ new Portfolio Service talk to the team at Romans in Winton Square Basingstoke or visit