NEARLY three in four people do not think interest rates will rise this year.

That is according to Romans’ whose poll on showed that 74 per cent agreed with the statement ‘I don’t think interest rates will rise this year.’ Controversially, many reports suggest the Bank of England will increase its base rate in the second half of 2015, waiting until after the general election in May.

“Unfortunately no one knows when rates will rise, or by how much,” said Vincent Courtney, managing director of sales at Romans.

“Some experts predicted a small rise at the latter part of 2014, which didn’t happen, and some are now suggesting we won’t see any movement until 2016.

“What we do know is that interest rates can have a big impact on your mortgage repayments, and with rates remaining at record lows of 0.5% since March 2009, is it really worth the risk of waiting to see what happens to interest rates, if you’re thinking of moving?”