Question: I’m trying to buy an old council house to convert to flats. What do I need to do next?

Phillips Solicitors director Alex Preshaw answers:

THE first task you face having bought the property is gaining planning permission.

To do this it is necessary to first create plans as to how the flats and communal space will be laid out and these will have to be Land Registry compliant.

Once you have Land Registry compliant plans you will need to apply and be approved for planning permission by your local planning authority (the local council).

One potential complication with this process of converting a former council house is that there may be restrictions in the covenants of the property meaning you cannot make that conversion without obtaining consent and paying a premium to the local council.

If you have planning permission and have managed to change the covenants, you will be able to proceed with the conversion.

It is very important that this is overseen by an appropriately qualified person for building regulation approval to certify these works.

Once conversion is complete you will need to consider the legal title, terms of lease or rental arrangements and service charges.

For these detailed arrangements you should contact Phillips Solicitors.

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