THE Four Lanes Trust gives money to people with ideas and projects which will improve life in Basingstoke and the surrounding district.

It is expected that applicants have a constitution, bank account and accounts, but can also give set up grants to new groups seeking to set up the trust's interests lie mainly in three particular fields: social and community action, education, and the arts.

Grants mostly range from £500 to £1,000, but in some cases have give considerably more.

The important thing is to provide the right amount of money for the project.

Over the past 44 years the trust has made 1,634 grants to over 750 different local charities.

Grants distributed in that time total over one million pounds with the average amount of grant being £775

The trust has given grants to a whole range of different groups: working mothers, community centres, sports clubs, music societies, environmental, playgroups, schools, theatre groups, village halls and youth organisations.

It's worth trying any good idea on them but the trust does not support individuals and is currently seeking applications from the local rural communities.

How to apply for a grant

The trustees generally meet three times a year: in March, June and November, to decide on applications and priorities.

Naturally, they require as much detail as possible about each application so they can make a decision and, although every application will be different, there are certain things they will need to know about any project.

There's no official application form, so, if you have an idea or need, contact the Four Lanes Trust on Basingstoke

(01256) 477990 or write to: Bob Carr 5, Ferguson Close, Basingstoke, RG21 3JA or email